We’re looking to improve the Morganstone Brewery Field. Can you help?

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the fortunes of Bridgend Ravens, we are looking for volunteers to assist us as we progress a feasibility study into upgrading the facilities at the Morganstone Brewery Field Hospitality Suites. 

Architect and Club Vice President Member, John Gould of JG Architecture, prepared plans for Brewery Field Ltd some time ago which would see the Hospitality Suites in part renovated and converted to a gymnasium and fitness centre.

The project is the first phase of our vision of transforming the Morganstone Brewery Field into a central hub for the county of Bridgend and its clubs to utilise. Associated plans include upgrading the playing surface of the ground to 3G, a project which had previously been discussed with the Welsh Rugby Union who have a strategic plan for the introduction of additional 3G surfaces and recognise the benefits from having such a facility in the Bridgend area

The improved facilities would provide our playing squad and club members with an on site gymnasium and associated fitness facilities, with the improvements providing a facility that ensures that rugby continues to be played at the ground for the longer term.

Brewery Field Ltd Facilities Director, Robin Thomas, has volunteered to initially lead the project and we have started a consultation process with local tradespeople in order to understand the mechanics of any work along with costs.

Bridgend Ravens Club Secretary, Tony Williams, commented ‘We have some pretty exciting plans for the future of rugby in Bridgend, and at the heart of that is ensuring that the Morganstone Brewery Field continues to provide a top class facility for our players to utilise. 

A few years ago, Brewery Field Ltd had plans drawn up with the Hospitality Boxes revamped into a gym and some fitness space. While we had a bit of down time during Lockdown, we decided to look into these a little further. We think that having an on site gym would be hugely beneficial – it would give our players a local place to train and our members use of facilities, providing a further benefit to being a club member. 

Importantly, it gives the Morganstone Brewery Field an a really useful facility that would be important for us to have if we are to make the ground a central hub for our community.

It is a reasonably big project, but we’ve started to chat with a few people that will be able to help us but we’d really like our members to be at the heart of this and to help out if they can. If you think you could help in any way, I’d be delighted to have a chat with you.’

As part of the Ospreys region, the improved facilities would provide the region with another top class venue. Ospreys Development Director, Mike Ruddock commented ‘The Ospreys are delighted to hear of Bridgend Ravens plans to improve and develop rugby facilities for their borough. As an outstanding breeding ground for talent it is good to see one of our Region’s Clubs looking to the future in order to further enhance their player development programme.’

We would be very grateful for any assistance from Club Members as we look to progress with our plans, with a tentative launch date of the revamped Hospitality Suites set for 1st August 2021. If you feel you could offer help in any way, whether that be on the project design and feasibility side, or further down the line with on site labour then please get in touch with Tony Williams by email – tony@concisemortgages.co.uk

The project is currently in its early stages, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with progress as our feasibility study and any work progresses.